What’s New? Daily Collage Gallery

cut and torn paper collage depicting a female figure who appears to be moving toward the left side, with a dark space to her right and a small pink moon. She is surrounded by warm green shapes with lightness above.
Good things Happening, Daily Collage, 9-22-2024, collage on paper, 11″ x 8 1/2″, unframed. $75.00

World-making through collage

What’s New? In October I launched a studio project entitled Daily Collage. You can see my daily collages on the website or in my Instagram postings. Working every day is one of the many good things happening in the studio. Each little collage is a world unto itself with its own logic, harmony, and expressive power. By allowing my unconscious free reign in the studio, I hope to spark new ideas. Interestingly, I’ve noticed that this daily collage practice has allowed me to process the world “out there” as I proceed with world-making in the studio.

Home from Haystack, creative juices flowing

Time away can be a good thing–a way to recharge our creativity, and being at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts was just the ticket. In the Pattern Play workshop I took with Jen Hewett I re-learned the craft of silkscreening. In the worksop I designed a wonderful tree image that captured my love of nature and the spirit of place–Wabanaki, which means Dawnland.

Here’s the crew from the Pattern Play workshop at Haystack. Jen Hewett is seated to the left of my friend Kate who is wearing the yellow shirt and Birkenstocks.

Tee Trees for Maine Wabanaki REACH: Making a difference through art

Robin with her display of original designs at Haystack Session 6, “Pattern Play” silkscreen on fabric

Sometimes I wonder how I can make a difference in our world? My Tree Tee fundraiser ended on October 15th and raised $687.11 to support REACH’s mission. As Jen Hewett wrote, “The shirts look incredible! Perfect marriage of design, form, and cause.” (Thank you, Jen!) And a big thank you from my heart to all who have been able to purchase a shirt from this fundraiser to support Wabanaki REACH and their mission. Bonfire will be printing and shipping the shirts soon. And fortunately, the Tree Tees will continue to be available for purchase at my store on the Bonfire website.

example of a Tree Tee on athletic gray fabric from Robin’s shop on www.Bonfire.com

A personal statement about the world and our place in it

As I type these words, the situation in Gaza is growing dire for the civilian population. While I don’t usually post about family, I will share with you that my dear son Ben is now studying Arabic. When he completes his language studies, Ben will be working as a linguist for the U.S. Army. As I think about my child and his military service to our country, may we remember that every soldier is someone’s child.

Please join me in a prayer for all those who are suffering, in Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, and elsewhere. May governments use their power to negotiate a cease fire rather than to fuel the engine of retribution and revenge which can only lead to more violence. Revered Vietnamese Buddhist monk and global leader Thich Nhat Hanh, said that “Peace is Every Step.” So let us join hands and walk together.

Robin and Ben at Ft. Sill Oklahoma, Basic Combat Training Graduation, May 2023