Tai Chi with Robin

Take time to cultivate your well-being.

Join Robin for a gentle tai chi and qigong practice.

Community “Healer Within” Practice Group on Zoom, Fridays, 9-10 EST

On Friday mornings I lead a “Healer Within” tai chi/qigong practice on Zoom. Please feel free to drop in and give it a try. You may contact me for more information and to request the Zoom link.

Attendance at Friday morning tai chi is by goodwill donation.

If you can’t afford to pay I encourage you to still attend. A suggested donation amount might be $10/class (or whatever you think). If you can afford more to offset those who can’t, please do so. You may donate through the registration form.

One may also choose to prepay for a month or more of sessions with also a chosen amount.  I trust you to give what feels right and, as well, to keep track of how many classes you attend.

*I accept personal checks and Venmo.

Videos for your home practice are on YouTube!

You can find my practice videos on my YouTube channel @taichiwithrobin and also on the Healer Within Foundation’s channel.

Tai Chi and Qigong classes at Merrymeeting Adult Education

You may visit the Merrymeeting Adult Education website to view Robin’s current offerings in tai chi and qigong. I offer daytime classes from September through May at the adult education center in Topsham.

Tai Chi at Head of Tide Park in Topsham

From June through August, Robin offers outdoor tai chi. We have been meeting at  Head of Tide Park from 9:30-10:30 AM on Saturdays. Dates for 2024 will be announced in the spring.

Robin Brooks, Flowering Tree of Memories (Head of Tide Park), 14″ x 11″, collage on paper, 2023, private collection

Gratitude for our tai chi community.

THANK YOU for visiting. Tai chi nourishes body, mind, and spirit, so keep practicing as you can. Be well, and keep in touch!