” My artwork is about empathy—for ourselves, our stories, and for the planet. When we spend time with art that moves us, we experience our shared humanity and feel our connection to the natural world.”

Robin Brooks

Welcome to the homepage of Robin Brooks Artist. Through my art-making I explore aspects of nature and story. As I play and create I am mindful of the unavoidable reality of a rapidly changing climate. With this in the background, I try to create artwork that can inspire us and give us hope.

Collage is a playful process where the unexpected can happen. As I play with the papers, adding, arranging, and composing, I see possibilities and find new harmonies and dissonances. I invite you to “read” my collages as you would read a poem, finding the unexpected in the familiar.

Since my early years, I have enjoyed exploring music, theater, and storytelling. In October of 2022 I played the role of Julia Gibbs in Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” with a wonderful ensemble. You can read my blog post entitled Doing the Impossible Thing to learn more. https://robinbrooksart.com/doing-the-impossible-thing/

On the weekend of May 19th I will be bringing the Foremothers Project to life in Freeport, Maine. Mark your calendars now, and please stay tuned for more details about what is sure to be an inspiring weekend of events at Meetinghouse Arts! https://meetinghousearts.org/event/our-foremothers-exhibition-may-19-21-2023/