” My artwork is about empathy—for ourselves, our stories, and for the planet. When we spend time with art that moves us we experience our shared humanity and feel our connection to the natural world.”

Robin Brooks

As I explore elements of nature and story through my art, I am mindful of how we are all being challenged with the reality of a rapidly changing climate. And as I reflect on our times, I see my artwork evolving. The process of collage allows me to construct and deconstruct realities, at once imagining possibilities and finding unique harmonies and dissonances among the elements.

In October of 2022 I returned to the stage as Julia Gibbs in the Meetinghouse Arts production of Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” in Freeport Maine. The play was written in 1938 but has much resonance for these times. To learn more, read my blog post entitled “Doing the Impossible Thing.” https://robinbrooksart.com/doing-the-impossible-thing/ And if you enjoy following my creative adventures and occasional art and tai chi updates, please subscribe to my blog.

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