Dear Qi Friends,

As many of you know, I completed my 200 hour training program with the IIQTC, the institute for Integral Qigong and Tai Chi, in April. IIQTC Level 3 photo 1

Here I am with my teacher, Dr. Roger Jahnke, after our rather informal graduation ceremony.

Robin with Dr. Jahnke

Robin with Dr. Jahnke

Having reviewed the entire curriculum, I am excited to bring some new practices to our Friday morning group.

Integral 9 form with BinaSome of you asked for a video to review the form. Here is a link to my colleague Bina leading the Integral 9 Tai Chi Form. Please let me know if the link works. You may need to cut and paste.

In the video you will see both familiar and new movements. We have been learning two new gestures–Stroke the Phoenix’s Tail and Open the Heart/Mind Gate.

Adding a bit of novelty to our practice is good for our neuroplasticity, provided we maintain our focus on enjoyment rather than “getting it right.”


1. Harmonize Yin and Yang

2. Brush Knee, Send Chi

3. Cut Through to Clarity

4. Stroke the Phoenix Tail (1:15)

5. Open the Heart/Mind Gate (2:15)

6. Wave Hands Like Clouds

7. Dragon Dance

8, Place the Sun and Moon in the Sky

9. Gather from Heaven and Earth