Wildflowers, acrylic over ink on paper, 6 by 8 inches, 2018

Wildflowers, acrylic over ink on paper, 6 by 8 inches, 2018

Our annual retreat to our rental cottage in the Schoodic area gave me time to immerse myself in pond life. In these ink and brush studies, I enjoyed moving my brush with the life energy of the pond. After waking and making some coffee, I strolled down to the dock. I practiced some tai chi to greet the morning, breathing deeply and welcoming the energy of nature into my being.

With simple materials at my side–brush and ink–I observed the pond patterns–shapes and spaces and edges of water lily leaves floating on the surface, angular pickerel reed leaves spiking up from the pond floor, and the animal life–from the motion of skittering water bugs and dragonflies above the surface to the birds and an occasional chipmunk or squirrel. Later in the day, I spent time with the wildflowers growing in abundance along the pond road.

The call of loons, the squawking of crows and even the sharp song of a bald eagle perched high above the water was the background music for my pond musings.

brooks_pickerel weed_web



brooks_pond life_ink_web


dragonfly ink sketcWithout occasionally unplugging from the noise of the world, one misses so much. I tried to allow each brushstroke to define an edge or motion. I looked at reflections and patterns of light and dark. The pond sketches were all done in the early morning before the heat of the day set in. What a wonderful time to observe, to be present!  August 17, 2018