Tai Chi and Qigong have been instrumental in guiding me as I find my path–my way forward at this stage of life. I have been making art and working as an art educator since 1979 when I completed my BFA in art education at Boston University. I have always loved to move, whether it be while taking dancing lessons or simply taking a walking in nature. This love of movement–being outdoors, being expressive with my body has been integrally connected to my work in the art studio.

Starting my teaching career I found myself living in rural South County, Rhode Island where there were few places to study dance and they were mostly geared toward children. I let dance go for a while and rode my bike, took walks on the beach and swam in the ocean during the summer months.

Since I’ve lived in Maine I’ve found it necessary to have a workout routine. The long winters, icy roads, and short days make it difficult to exercise outdoors. I have tried aerobics, pilates, yoga, and various other exercise classes, but nothing has grabbed me like tai chi.

Tai Chi is a beautiful and ancient Chinese art of balance and harmony that can be practiced with martial, medical, or meditative intent. Here are a few photos from my tai chi journey. Enjoy!

P1040038Here I am doing a tai Chi dance on a cloudy autumn day at Simpson’s Point.


Back at Simpson’s Point, I am holding the ball of energy as the light fades. (photo credit: Jon Riggleman) 

brooks_lotus pond

I took a whole series of photos of the water lilies in bloom while visiting the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens one hot summer day. The exquisite beauty and peace of these flowers mesmerized me! We can learn so much about inner stillness and movement–a tai chi!–from observing living things.


Here I am with two IIQTC friends on a brief break from our intense Level 2 tai chi training in southern California. During our midday break, we piled in cars and drove to a nearby a garden center that had extraordinary plantings. Everything seems to grow out there!

eucalyptus tree, peace garden

Looking up with awe at the grandmother Eucalyptus Tree at La Casa de Maria, I feel the power and beauty of nature. This tree ls the centerpiece of the Sadako Peace Garden , one of many small gardens in this interfaith center.

I took this photo while walking one evening at La Casa de Maria, the retreat center in Montecito in November of 2017.

I took this photo while walking one evening at La Casa de Maria, the retreat center in Montecito in November of 2017.

practicing at la casa

Here is a photo of our group tai chi practice on the patio outside the chapel at La Casa de Maria.

robin holding the chi ball

During the 2017 Level 2 retreat, we took a sunset hike into the hills above the retreat center. , Here I am, playing with the light–holding the glowing ball of energy!
tree huggers

I am in the middle of this group of IIQTC friends gathered around the trunk of the ancient Eucalyptus tree.

I will be completing one more week-long training with Dr. Roger Jahnke and the IIQTC to complete my 200-hour teacher certification in Tai Chi and Qigong from the IIQTC. The Level 3 training is planned for April of 2019. Stay tuned!