Stories of Our Foremothers: New Work by Robin Brooks opens virtually at Curtis Library

My exhibit entitled “Foremothers and Others” will open at Curtis Library’s Morrell Meeting Room virtual exhibit space is on display through October, 2021. Almost all of the work in the virtual exhibit is from my studio explorations of the past year. To access the exhibit, follow this link: or visit the Curtis Library’s website.

Curtis Memorial Library is located on the corner of Pleasant and Middle Streets in Brunswick, Maine.

A Sneak Preview of the Foremothers Exhibit

Here are three of my Foremothers paintings from the virtual exhibit at Curtis Library: Rebecca in a Purple Coat, Flowers for RBG, and The Friendship Club. If you’ve been following my blog, you already know about the evolution of this artwork.

Stories of Our Foremothers: Rebecca in a Purple Coat, acrylic on panel, 18 x 24 inches, 2021
Stories of Our Foremothers: Flowers for RBG, mixed media collage on board, 2021
Stories of Our Foremothers: The Friendship Club, acrylic on panel, 24 x 24 inches, 2021


What does it mean to honor a Foremother? What traces of our foremothers can we find in ourselves? How can art help us go deeper with our explorations and understandings? How can we learn from the stories of our Foremothers that have come down to us? As we reflect deeply, let us live fully into the present moment while holding them in our hearts.

Share your story: Participate in The Foremothers Project

For the Foremothers Project, I will be collecting your stories on my blog. To participate, please share a sentence or two about a Foremother who has inspired you. To get an idea, you can check out the stories I have shared on my blog.

Stories of Our Foremothers is an ongoing project that is funded, in part, through a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

I always enjoy hearing from you, so please write and share your thoughts.