Tai Chi as a portal to health and balance

Enjoy this short review of TCE 5 Form. Explore flowing with the tao as you move with the gestures. This video is a sixteen-minute practice for review. As always, please feel free to modify the practice, staying in your comfort zone. Nothing we do should ever hurt! I encourage you to pay special attention to the knees and shoulders. In case you missed it, here is more about “safe knees in tai chi. https://robinbrooksart.com/safe-knees-in-tai-chi/ Finally, I want to remind you about our “70% of effort” guidance which is part of the “Easy” in Tai Chi Easy™. Have fun practicing, and please reach out to me with any questions. You can use the comments or my email: robinellenb@gmail.com

Dr. Jahnke and Robin at the IIQTC 200-hour teacher graduation, Ancient Yoga Center, Austin Texas, April 2019

A Short Review of TCE™ 5 Standing and Walking

Much gratitude to all of my tai chi students and teachers over the years

Whether you are a past or present student, thank you for your enthusiasm, presence, and participation! And to my beloved teachers, Ken Ryan, Diane Doiron, Larry Landau, and Roger Jahnke, a deep bow of gratitude for all you have shared with me. YOur I also want to acknowledge everyone at the Institute for Integral Tai chi and Qigong and Christie Ward and her dynamic volunteer Board at the Healer Within Foundation. Each of you has embodied the practice in your life and teaching. You inspire me every day to find balance and flow with the tao.

Larry Ira Landau, Lecture Demo, Maine, 2019
Robin with her former tai chi teacher and fellow member of IIQTC Tribe, Diane Doiron at World Tai Chi Day 2019, Bowdoin College gymnasium, Brunswick, Maine