“HAOLA” License plate seen in Topsham, Maine, December 2022

HAOLA! All is well and getting better

The Chinese word “Haola” means “all is well and getting better.” Imagine my surprise when I saw the license plate right here in Brunswick/Topsham! Tai chi master Mington Gu shares his practice of Haola in a two-minute video on Youtube. Here it is: https://youtu.be/gLRQ-hmaaBA “All is well and getting better” is a mind affirmation that we can add to our “Healer Within” toolbox.

For many of us, saying affirmations can feel artificial and forced, particularly if we tend toward “cup half empty” thinking. While thinking “All is well…” can seem to contrast with what we read in the newspapers and experience in daily life, it can help shift our energy toward a more life-affirming position. By cultivating an attitude of cheerful indifference, we can begin to notice our mental habits and turn our energy to more life-affirming mind states.

Robin shares good news

Haola: All is well! I am happy to share I had my surgery on Thursday and the outcome was benign. I am grateful to all who sent good wishes and positive thoughts. During our brief hiatus from Friday morning practice, I hope you are finding ways to tap into your “healer within” energy. What does this look like? It can be as simple as taking a “Remembering Breath,” relaxing your abdomen and letting the breath bring you to a state of relaxation and rest. Or it can be when you take a brief break from the computer or work and you do a bit of gentle movement such as The Flowing Motion. Also, you can add a bit of self-massage, relaxing the eyes, and resting in the awareness of bodily sensation.

How I used my “Healer Within” Tools

Prior to and after my surgery, I was able to tap into my “Healer Within” toolbox. Before the procedure I used my breath to calm myself and I silently repeated the affirmation “I am already healing” to settle my anxious mind. Using these “Healer Within” tools gave me something positive to focus on. I hope you will remember to use some of these simple “Healer Within” practices to sustain your energy at times of your own personal need.

Much gratitude to you

During any of our life challenges we still can find things to be grateful for. I am grateful for all of you, and for the community we have created. Being here for one another can take many forms. Notably, when we show up for tai chi on Friday morning , we are not only investing in our own well-being, but we are generating more Qi for one another and our world.

moon rising over Middle Bay, Brunswick, 2020

Our next tai chi session on Friday, December 24th

Please note: I am tentatively planning to be back on Zoom next Friday morning, the 24th of December for a gentle hour of “Healer Within” tai chi. In the meantime, remember “Haola” and try to flow with what life sends your way. May your winter holidays be sweet, however you celebrate them. All is well!

With love,