Grandma Sarah’s Kitchen, mixed media collage on panel, 8 x 10 inches, 2021 (from the Foremothers series)

Creative Maine Magazine publishes “Honoring our Foremothers”

In the Spring issue of Creative Maine Magazine, I tell the story of the Foremothers Project, what inspired me, how it began, and where it is going. I am happy with how the narrative unfolds, and As my Foremothers Project has a participatory element, perhaps some of you will reach out to share a story of your own. It’s a healing journey and one from which we can draw strength in these challenging times.

Tea Tunes, collage on paper, 12 x 13 inches, 2021 (included in Shanti Arts Quarterly Spring 2022 issue Mixing Mediums

Shanti Arts Quarterly Spring 2022 Issue: Mixing Mediums

I am delighted to be in the Spring 2022 Issue of Shanti Arts Quarterly, an online and print publication. Shanti Arts is the brainchild of Christine Brooks Cote who writes in her column about how …”living is an artform, and the process of living is what it’s all about.” For me, life feels whole when I devote time to my studio practice, messing about and exploring. And whether or not things come together as a composition, I enjoy playing and exploring with materials and processes. As a featured artist, Shanti Arts Quarterly has included several of my recent mixed media collages along with a short artist statement. I think you will enjoy this lovely publication.

O’Keeffe, Sun and Moon, mixed media collage, 9 x 12 inches, 2022 (from the Foremothers series) included in Rejuvenation, a small group show at Monkitree in Gardiner, Maine.

Where to see my artwork “in person.”

Right now I have five pieces of artwork in Rejuvenation, a small group show at Monkitree in Gardiner, Maine. Another option, if you are local to Maine or planning a trip here, is to arrange a studio visit. And if you live “away,” please feel free to reach out if you know of a gallery or venue that I should be in touch with.

Peace and Health

As we spring forward, I wish you peace and health. And I also send these wishes out to our world.

Namaste! Robin