Late February News and Events

As I type these words we are getting a wintry mix of freezing rain and snowy precipitation. Is wintry mix a sign of spring? I think so! So let us not be discouraged by the still chilly temperatures. And let’s embrace the Year of the Wood Dragon! This weekend the Lunar New Year Festival, a two-week celebration, is drawing to a close. Wonderfully, the Year of the Wood Dragon is an auspicious year for transformational energy. What are you looking to transform in yourself or your world?

Signs of Spring

On a recent walk in Pennellville with my husband Jon I started noticing signs of spring. I saw a bit of greening in the grass, I heard more birdsong, and I felt the warmth of the sun’s rays. How do these sensations translate into my artwork and tai chi practice? In some ways, it is mysterious. But I find myself reconnecting with the light and spirit of nature, wanting to spend more time outdoors. And as I embrace these early signs of change, I allow that color and energy to enter my artwork.

Robin Brooks, Woods #4, collage over monotype print, 22″ x15″

Preparing the Soil for Growth and Learning

Early spring is a good time to prepare the proverbial soil for growth and learning. What do you wish to reconnect with? Where do you find hope and joy? I am looking forward to more time in nature, and more energy for painting and collaging.

My spring Tai Chi Easy™ and Continuing Tai Chi classes are enrolling now and they begin on March 28th. And at this moment there is room in both afternoon classes. Here is the link to register: When the weather allows, we practice outdoors!

Continuing tai chi students, fall 2023. photo credit: Janice Compton

Printmaking Exhibit at Merrymeeting Arts Center Opens on March 8

Here is another Sign of Spring–art shows are popping up. In March I will be showing three original prints (including Woods #4, pictured above) in this exhibition of work by local artists. Interestingly, Merrymeeting Arts Center was founded by Bryce “The Toymaker” Muir’s widow, my friend Peggy Muir, and is located near the boat launch in Bowdoinham, Maine. The motto at Merrymeeting Arts Center is “Art for All.” What a welcoming vision for art at the heart of a community!

Spring Tai Chi continues Friday mornings on Zoom

Just email me for the Zoom link! My email is Attendance at our Friday morning “Healer Within” Tai chi and qigong practice group is by goodwill donation. We meet from 9-10 AM Eastern. We all need to move more! And tai chi is a gentle way to lubricate the joints, connect to our vital energy, and find more joy. I’d love to see you there.

Finally, I send my best wishes for a year of health, transformation, and joy. Namaste!