Keith Spiro Interviews Robin about the Foremothers Project

Keith Spiro describes himself as a business strategist and community builder. In truth, he is so much more–a wonderful photographer, creative spirit, family man, and dear friend. In this interview, I speak about my inspiration for The Foremothers Project and how I started gathering Foremothers stories from other people in the community. Furthermore, Keith gives me a chance to talk about what motivates me as an artist and what I hope to open up in others through The Foremothers Project.

Robin was interviewed by Keith Spiro on his Communicast Podcast to talk about the Foremothers Project.
My Great Aunt Fannie’s Friendship Club, acrylic on panel, 24 x 24 inches, 2021

Visit the Foremothers Gallery to See More Artwork from the Exhibit

Visit the Foremothers Gallery to see Robin’s artwork from the Curtis Library 2021 Exhibit. .

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Many of the stories I have published, like my story about Aunt Fannie and the story from Christine Higgins are about Foremothers who immigrated to this country for a better life.

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Robin and her mother Shay on the Casco Bay Lines Ferry, 2019

Our Foremothers Live Within us.

Our Foremothers live within us. Please consider telling us about an inspiring foremother in your life. You may use the comments, or email Robin at to share an image and a couple of sentences about a foremother, whether related to you or not, and how they have inspired you in your life.

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