In the Woods collage is missing!

This is a newsflash! My collage has disappeared from the library.

In the Woods, Acrylic on Paper Collage, 2009, removed from the Crooker Gallery, Topsham Public Library and presumed stolen

In the Woods, a 22″x29″ framed collage painting, was one of five collage pieces on loan to the Topsham Public Library through September 11th. 

A mission to return books leads to a startling discovery!

Today, Friday September 4, I went to the library to return a couple of paperbacks my son had borrowed when I discovered my collage “In the Woods” was missing.  The library personnel could not locate the painting anywhere in the building and sadly, were unaware of it’s removal! The whereabouts of my collage are unknown and I filed a report with the Topsham Police Department. In addition, I created a listing for “In the Woods” on an international database of lost and stolen artworks.

2024 update: Collage still missing

As of this writing, my collage is still missing. So, friends and neighbors, if you hear or see anything that might lead to the recovery of this artwork, please inform the Topsham Police Department.