Spring Woods, collage over monotype print, 10 x 10 inches, 2020

I am excited to share four exciting things with you coming up in March! Rejuvenation is a juried group exhibit at Monkitree https://www.monkitree.com/. It will be on view during March and April. Fortunately, for those of you who live “away”, you can find #1 through #3 in my Foremothers gallery https://robinbrooksart.com/stories-of-foremothers/. #4 Wind through Spruce is in my Acadia gallery https://robinbrooksart.com/artist-residency-at-acadia-national-park/ and #5 Spring Woods is in my Abstract Landscape Gallery https://robinbrooksart.com/of-time-and-memory/

#1: And Still She Rises, monotype print from the Foremothers Series, 22 x 15 inches, 2021,

#2: O’Keeffe, Sun and Moon, 9 x 12 inches, mixed media collage on panel, 2022

#3: O’Keeffe, At Home in the Desert, 9 x 12 inches, mixed media collage on panel, 2022

#4 Wind through Spruce, relief print with watercolor, 9 x 12 inches, 2016

#5 Spring Woods, collage over monotype print, 12 x 9 inches, 2019

The Second of Four: “Bridge Messy, Emerge United”–a 10×10 Fundraiser for ArtVan

ArtVan https://artvanprogram.org/ has partnered with Frontier https://www.explorefrontier.com/about/frontier/, to host a 10 x 10 fundraiser. And I am one of the 100 artists who are creating a ten inch square (10×10) artwork inspired by one of four words: Bridge, Messy, Emerge, or United. Interestingly, my word, “Emerge” has been a rich prompt, evoking ideas and imagery which I’ve played with in Emerge 1, pictured below. ‘Bridge Messy, Emerge Ignited’ will be at Frontier in Brunswick from April 20 to July 16. In the meantime, you can follow the ArtVan Program on social media to learn about the participating artists and see their work in progress.

Emerge 1 (in process), mixed media collage with acrylic and leaves, 10 x 10″, 2022

Third of Four–Mixing Mediums: Still Point Arts Quarterly

I’m delighted to have three of my mixed media tea bag collages included in Still Point Arts Quarterly, a print publication and online gallery. Mixing Mediums is a natural theme for me, as I love to work back and forth between collage and painting. Notably, the three artworks selected by Christine Cote for this issue are all from my Memory Series. They are Tea Tunes, House of our Foremothers, and Tea and Roses. And, if you want a preview, you can find them here in my Memory Series Gallery. https://robinbrooksart.com/objects-of-memory-mixed-media/

Fourth announcement–Creative Maine Magazine publishes a Q & A with Robin

The Foremothers Project is the subject of my interview with Nancy Gordon, publisher and editor of Creative Maine Magazine. https://robinbrooksart.com/stories-of-foremothers/. My interview, in Q & A format, will be published in the March/April online edition of Creative Maine Magazine. Please stay tuned and I will post a link.