Reaching for Justice, collage and mixed media on board, 10 x 8 inches, 2022

December News–Tai Chi update–Away on Dec. 16 for “Double Eights”

December brings early sunsets and sharp crisp days. Our Friday morning tai chi will continue through the holidays with one interruption– there will be no class on December 16th. On the 16th, my husband Jon and I will traveling to Pennsylvania for a family celebration of my mother’s 88th birthday. Interestingly, the number eight has special meaning in Taoism. You can learn about the “Eight Immortals” of Taoism here: If the number Eight represents immortality, than surely double Eight’s is a big birthday to celebrate! I’m glad we aren’t waiting until her 90th birthday to celebrate my amazing mother.

Shay and Robin, ca. 1970’s

Me and my mom Shay

Me and my mom at 47 Ivanhoe Drive in front of the garden, ca. 2010

December is time to enroll in Tai Chi for Winter at Merrymeeting Adult Ed

There are still a few spots in my Thursday afternoon tai chi class at Merrymeeting Adult Education. The new session begins on January 5, 2023. You can enroll by phone or on the website: And for those who can’t wait until then, please give our Friday Zoom group a try! Here’s the link: Or you many practice with me on Youtube!

Elemental, collagraph monoprint

Light in the Darkness: January 2023 Art Exhibit at Brunswick UU Church

I am excited to announce my upcoming art exhibit at the lovely Unitarian Universalist Church on Pleasant Street in Brunswick for the month of January. I will be showing abstract landscapes in acrylics, mixed media, and printmaking. “Without darkness, You would never know the light” was a quote I read on a tea tag recently. These words can be taken to mean many things. At this time of year I think about what seed energy I can cultivate. Remembering that seeds are buried in darkness but emerge into the light, we can think of what we want to nurture inside of ourselves during the quiet winter months. These words inspired a collage which I will share with you soon. And finally, as we head towards the Winter Solstice, may you find many sources of light and joy. My best wishes for the winter holidays!

With love,