This is the first slide of my slide show for the Waterville Area Art Society.

Waterville Area Art Society, a slide talk and collage workshop

I was honored to be invited by Irene West from Waterviille Area Art Society to present a slide talk and collage workshop for the members and the general public. My slides offered a brief survey of my artwork , with a special focus on the collage process. To provide some background, I began by showing some landscape collage images. But then I moved on to sharing work my recent Foremothers Project which was of particular interest to the group. And it was also the theme of our collage workshop on Saturday. I was hoping to make the slide show available here, but alas, I was unable to do so. Please reach out if you’d like to see it and I can email a link.

Making a Foremothers collage

Workshop participants brought their own materials and some to share. I encouraged everyone to make photocopies rather than working with original photos. But some people brought the original images for inspiration, as pictured in the photo, below. During the three-hour workshop, everyone worked on their own interpretation of the theme while I visited each person to share observations and make suggestions.

Follow-up to the workshop–More collage!

I received a lovely “thank you” card and learned that the group held another collage session following our workshop. This time there was no theme and everyone could explore collage as they wished. How fun it is to share materials and explore ideas together! Thank you to Irene West who organized our workshop, and to all the members of the Waterville Area Art Society for your enthusiasm and participation.