brooks_light through trees

Light through the Trees, Mixed Media Collage, 2017`

My collages often include painted papers, bits of prints, direct stamp printing on the surface, under and over-painting with acrylics, charcoal drawing, and textured or printed papers. How many of these can you see in this collage–Light through the Trees?

My work is about seeing, and being wide awake to the wonders of the world around us. When I break up the visual space with shapes, colors, and elements of patterned paper, it creates visual disjunctions. By placing unlike elements side by side, it may cause you to look again. You may wonder–why did she put that there? Or, it might just make sense to you in a visual sort of way. However you respond, I want to keep you looking.

brooks_new work_detail

When you look at my artwork,  I want you to engage with all your senses. Afterward, perhaps you will be more awake to the small wonders all around us. If that happens, even just a little for you, I will be happy.

Robin Brooks