What if…?

What if…? is the Community Challenge to Re-Imagine our World, launched by The Maine Humanities Council in 2022. They ask us to ponder this Big Question and see what arises. Here is the prompt:

What if….”People could refigure, retell, rewrite, and perform their own stories in their own words, and others actually listened? What if this listening created change so profound that even the trees trembled? What if these stories set people free–not just in spirit, but in body? What if they helped us move toward a world where we would weep to imagine putting anyone in a cage, no matter their wrongdoing?” from the Maine Humanities Council packet on the Big Question for 2022

Robin’s “What if…?” Response

What if we gave everyone a seat at the table for a truthful conversation about our country? What if everyone at the table could be open to hearing the experiences of black and indigenous peoples? And also, to hear the truth of our government’s record of intervention in foreign countries and our support for dictatorial regimes– about America in all its aspects? This would be the start of a truth and reconciliation process for America. For, only if we heal the wounds of the past can we move forward together as one nation. But for this to happen, the process needs to be inclusive, and everyone must have a voice and a seat at the table. I used colored chairs to represent the diversity of voices–young/old, immigrant, legal/illegal, BIPOC, etc.

My postcard, front side

“What if everyone had a seat at the table?” Robin Brooks, 2022

My Postcard, back side

“What if everyone knew we all matter? Everyone. No exceptions.” Robin Brooks, 2022

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