Join me for the Seven Precious Gestures: A Qigong Practice for Winter

“Wonders within wonders. Mysteries within mysteries. The gateway to deepest knowing.” ~Lao Tsu, Dao De Jing, 500 BCE

Robin Brooks, Snowy Tree 2021, Topsham

The Seven Precious Gestures

I am happy to offer a 30 minute qigong practice on Tuesdays from 8:15-8:45 AM, beginning on February 1st. I will open the zoom room by 8 AM so people can arrive early and visit. We will play with the “Seven Precious Gestures.” During our thirty-minute session, we will start with some warm-ups for the Qi and mind/body. Following our warm-up, we will explore the gestures with body, mind, and spirit. If attendance is consistent, I will continue Tuesday mornings through March.

The Practice:

The Seven Precious Gestures Practice: You may repeat each gesture as few as three times or as many as you wish or have time for. Please adjust the practice for the time you have available.

  1. Ring the Bell, power from the feet and breath, rotate upper torso with “empty arms”. Watch your hands as you rotate the torso, looking behind you over one shoulder, than the other. While your empty arms swing, your hands can tap the front and back of your torso with an open palm or soft fist.
  • Push and Pull, Moving and circulating the Qi. Reach out while rocking forward, gather in while rocking to the back stance. Repeat this gesture three times to each side.
  • Gather and Release: A gesture to help us let go of what is no longer serving us. Hold something precious in your palms, rotate and release, Gather again, rotate, and release.
  • Gathering from Heaven and Earth: Begin with a wide horse stance, straight spine, sink down and gather from Yin (Earth). Now rise up while floating the palms skyward as you gather from Yang (Heaven), drawing heavenly energy down. Repeat.
  • Calm at the Center, Finding calm in the midst of complexity. If you have practiced tai chi, this gesture is similar to Waving Hands Like Clouds, only with more torso rotation, as you follow your hand turning all the way behind you, as the “World of Ten Thousand Things” swirls around behind your palm. As you turn from side to side, you remain calm at the center of your being. Pay attention to your low body, your “root” and keep the low body stable and facing forward, feet on two train tracks. The knee is a hinge and is not meant to twist. Only the upper torso turns.
  • Waiting at the Temple Gate: Reach to Heaven, prayer hands bow to Earth with a flat spine—forward fold, Sink and Rise with a brief hold of the breath, palms in prayer position, as you squeeze the abs into the spine. Then release and relax, arms return to your sides. Repeat.
  • Swallowing the Elixir of Immortality: Gather a pill of saliva in your mouth as your palms float up the center line of your body.  Swallow the “pill” when your palms reach your throat and continue floating palms up as you make the mudra with forefinger and thumb together. Now pause and gaze towards Infinity. Return palms to your sides. Relax and rest.

Please RSVP to and I will send you the Tuesday morning link. I look forward to sharing this beautiful Qigong practice with you.

Stay warm, and stay well.