On wearing the Good Coat

At last evening’s opening reception for Whiteout, I decided to wear the coat that inspired the drawing.  This photograph was taken by one of the Gallery 5 staff members.  The photo caught me with my eyes closed, conveying a dreamy sense.  It looks as though the coat is transporting me to a time and place […]

One of A Kind: Monotype-The Unique Print

One of a Kind: Monotype-The Unique Print An Exhibition of Six Printmakers at the Harlow Gallery Claudia Brahms-Robin Brooks Corliss Chastain-Christine J. Higgins Marguerite Ogden-Kris Sader September 2-September 26, 2010 I studied monotype printmaking at Parsons School of Design in New York while a graduate student in painting (1982-84) and fell in love with the […]

Winter Work

acrylic on paper collage, 29″ x 21″, 2010  acrylic on paper collage, 29″ x 21″, 2010 acrylic on paper collage, 15″ x 11″, 2010 Inspired by a snowshoe walk around my friend Louisa’s field the morning after a heavy snowfall, I spent the winter months exploring the effects of light on the snowy landscape.  These three […]

Making a Painted Paper Collage

My collage work is arranged and composed before I use a drop of glue. First, I paint paper for the image, using acrylic paints in a variety of paint applications from very thin and transparent to layered textural surfaces. To avoid buckling and curling of the collage, I start by taping all four edges of […]