The Foremothers Project

In The Foremothers Project I explore the relationships we have with our biological and spiritual foremothers through visual imagery and stories. When speaking of foremothers, I include the humble women in our families as well as noted women artists and change-makers whose lives have informed our own journeys. The Foremothers Project began after Ruth Bader Ginsberg died and I began to make art in her memory. As I reflected on RBG’s life and commitment to equality for women, I was also aware of how her departure placed our rights in jeopardy. As I thought about RBG, I began to meditate on other foremothers, influential women whose lives laid the path for me to live into my potential as a human, artist, and activist. The Foremothers Project is an invitation for all of us to reflect on the past and work together to heal the present.

During the month of October 2021, I exhibited my Foremothers artwork at the Curtis Library’s virtual exhibit space. The Foremothers Project received partial funding support from the Maine Arts Commission.

More about the Foremothers Project Artwork

These paintings, collages, and prints are meditations on my Foremothers. My Foremothers collages often operate on the level of dreams. By repeating and juxtaposing symbolic elements, I am creating alternate dream-like worlds. As with poetry, the symbols and metaphors in these collages are evocative. As visual poetry, they ask for your interpretation.  You notice a seahorse swimming across the sky. A woman wearing a hat sits pondering something. A feather, repeating, floats downward.  A butterfly’s emergent wing appears.

An Invitation to Participate!

Dear Viewers–you are invited to participate in The Foremothers Project. Please consider sharing a brief story, just a few sentences, about a foremother who has inspired you. You may also include an image–artwork or a photo. To participate, you may use the comments or Contact page. I will be publishing your Foremothers stories on my blog under the thread “Stories of our Foremothers.” Follow the journey on my blog and subscribe for occasional updates.

Stories of Our Foremothers is funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts