Opening of Art on Our Own Time: Young at Art the Teachers.

Friday February 20th — 5-8pm 

  With live music by STONE QUARRY XPRESS.    Exhibition continues through March 8th.

I am showing two plein air studies of the Androscoggin River as seen from the second floor of Mill 2, Fort Andross.  The first study, (below right), was done first.  In the second study (on the left), I shifted my view to include both spans of the bridge.  If you visit the show you will notice that both pieces now have bits of collaged color added. 

Since this show is focused on the work of educators, I decided to show two related pieces.  Looking at works inspired by a single motif such as Cezanne’s Mount St. Victoire or Monet’s Haystacks can inform our understanding of how artists perceive the world around us. 

Questions for viewers: How did the each picture change with the addition of colored bits of paper collage?  How does a slight visual shift in perspective alter the image of the river?   

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