Jon Riggleman, Maple Flowers, Wonsqueak Bike Path Trail, Schoodic Penninsula, 2016

Community Tidings: Inspiring Events and Updates

March Tidings to all in our Tai Chi community, near and far! March is a month of change and transition, from the icy cold of February into the blustery and changeable springtime as it manifests in our part of the world. Here is a photo my husband Jon took when he visited me at Schoodic during my Artist Residency in the spring of 2016. I still love the vibrancy of the maple flowers against the muted tones of the forest. Tai chi practice can help us align and center ourselves amidst the turbulence of the world. And world events continue to challenge our equanimity.

A poetry offering from Susan Cook, a new member of our community

I was delighted to discover Susan Cook’s poem, “Tell Me How Many Black Seabirds” published in the Maine Sunday Telegram on March 6th. Here is the link:

Tell Me How Many Black Seabirds

By Susan Cook

Tell me how many black seabirds

woke up this morning, flew to a high place,

shook off a thousand drops of river, heard

each one, in slow motion, fall, a trace

of where each one began inside. This is

a daily ritual. They celebrate

with such silence, quiet applause, which is

to say, this abundance will tell a (late

sometimes) lie. The absence of chaos, just

drops of water shaken off, lets the heat

from the sun’s dependable rays, we trust,

bring heart to any body’s weary beat.

Tell me how we remind ourselves to turn

to the deliberate, needing it just now.

Robin’s response to Susan’s poem–We are like the seabirds.

I shared my response with Susan this morning, and I’ve copied it here. “The observer begins by wondering how many birds are engaged in the ritual of “shaking off a thousand drops of river?” The bird’s shaking ritual reminds me of our qigong practice–how we begin by bouncing and waking up the energy. I love visualizing the image of the thousand drops of river falling in slow motion–it’s such a beautiful image. And I find it meaningful that your poem ends with a question for all of us. 
In my mind, our taiji/qigong practice gives us ways to be like these birds, entering into a rhythm with the natural world–the sun, the rain, and the earth’s bounty–just through gentle movement as we harmonize our body with our mind and our breath.”

Schoodic 1, acrylic on paper, mounted on board, Collection of Acadia National Park, currently on view in the dining hall at Schoodic Institute, Gouldsboro, Maine (photo credit: Christine MacKenzie

Upcoming Class and a Workshop at Merrymeeting Adult Ed

Here are two links to register for my upcoming community classes at Merrymeeting Adult Education in Topsham. Both classes are held in Room 2 at the Adult Education building across from Mt. Ararat Middle School.

Qigong for the Eyes, 5:30-7 PM on March 24th. Here is the link to register:

Tai Chi with Robin: Cultivating the Energy of Spring. Thursdays from 1:30 to 2:45 pm. Here’s the registration link!

Tuesday Morning “Healer Within” Qigong continues on Zoom through April 6th

I have enjoyed sharing some gentle qigong on Tuesday mornings at 8 AM. After April 6th, this class will be on hold until later in the spring. As you have discovered, this group is for early risers, so I know some of you will sleep through it. Just know that we are sending our Qi out to the world and moving our energy toward positivity, healing, and wholeness. We are practicing The Seven Precious Gestures Qigong. If you are curious, why not set your alarm for 7:45, toss on your sweatpants, and join us?

Join Zoom Meeting
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Friday morning Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Group is ongoing!

Here is the Zoom link: http://Join Zoom Meeting

I leave you with four “Treasure” words for health and resilience

At our tai chi sessions, I sometimes speak of holding a word in our mind as an intentional point of focus during the practice. Perhaps one or all of these four words will speak to you.

~From ancient Taoism, here is The Secret-Four Word Treasure of Success: relaxed, tranquil, fearless, carefree (page 123, The Healer Within, Roger Jahnke OMD, Harper Collins, 1997)

So until next time, be well, and enjoy!