Here is an excerpt from Daniel Kany’s review of our show at the Harlow Gallery: “The Harlow’s “One of a Kind” is a handsome show of about 50 framed monotypes and monoprints by six Maine artists. It is interesting and enjoyable for the professional, the practitioner and the public.”

“I also liked Robin Brooks’ rhythmic forests — in particular, her use of collage or scratching to introduce horizontal elements to her vertical compositions.”

I wrote to Dan Kany via Facebook and he had this to say, in addition to the comment, above:

Daniel KanySeptember 13, 2010 at 1:01pm
Re: Re: great review in today’s paper!
I was planning to write more about your work, but I just don’t have that much room: I had to leave out the technical/monotype discussion and comments about your work. Anyway, my main point is that I like it and I got to say that. As well, what interested me is the way you seem to start with a vertical composition and then mediate it with horizontal elements. This comes across in your work – especially with the collaged elements – and so sets up a narrative of motion that is not unlike walking through the woods and looking up and around.
Woods 2

Woods 2

For my first published critical review, I couldn’t be more pleased.  Thank you to Margo Ogden for collecting the artists and inviting us to particpate, thank you to the Harlow Gallery for all their support, and thanks to Daniel Kany for taking the time to look deeply and share what he saw.

September 25, 2010