I am fascinated with the many ways paint over textured surfaces can play with light.  This piece called “Tree of Life”, is another Klee-inspired fantasy with color predominating over form and space.  I am using opaque and semi-transparent layers of acrylic paint over textural elements glued on to create a tree that vibrates with color.

This progression of photos shows how this painting evolved through four distinct stages.  We move from the blank white of the paper to color to white and back to color.   Painting out out the image can be scary but it is a way to let go of the form and allow it to re-emerge.  The subsequent image is much richer and more nuanced.

Despite breaking the surface and space into color patches, I worked for unity through the rhythmic repetition of certain hues–warm orange, yellow green, creamy white, and a tint of cool blue.  I kept color edges soft and open by working with wide rough bristle brushes.The bright colors flicker and dance around the deep purple armature of the tree trunk and branches.     It is the light of spring emerging from the bones of winter.