brooks_light through trees


My collages often include painted papers, bits of prints, directly stamp printing on the surface, under and over-painting with acrylics, charcoal drawing, and textured or printed papers. How many of these can you see in this collage–Light through the Trees?

My work is about seeing, and being “woke” to the wonders of the world around us.

When I break up the visual space with shapes, colors, and elements of patterned paper, it creates visual disjunctions. By placing, or juxtaposing unlike elements side by side, it may cause you to look again. You may wonder–why did she put that there?

I want you to wonder, to get up close to my artwork and then stand back, to think and perceive with all your senses. After you leave the gallery and go about your life, I hope that you begin to see the world anew, to appreciate the small wonders of a tree with the light from a river that illuminates the space around it.

The wonder of our world is always available to us. If that happens, even just a little for you, I will be happy. That is my criteria for success.

PS This image. “Light through the Trees” was inspired by a familiar view of the Androscoggin River that flows past the big mill where my friend Marji has her art studio. I teach Tai Chi and Qigong there every Friday morning and have, in the past, used it as my own creative workspace.

Robin Brooks

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