“Bubble and Stamp” at the Family Arts Festival

On Saturday September 16 the annual Family Arts Festival was held on the Mall in Brunswick.  The grassy Mall was teeming with children and families who came downtown to celebrate creativity and to make art under the big white tents.  The cool morning air gave way to clear skies and sunshine, with temps in the [...]

mid-year musings from the elementary choice studio

This photo gallery shows student work completed in the last six weeks.  With three snow days to interrupt our flow, students nonetheless have shown great focus and persistence in creating original works in a variety of media.  My students are working hard to prepare work for our annual art show on March 31 in the [...]

Reggio and Choice–Reflections from the Classroom

On Tuesday evening, October 12, my Reggio Emilia Study Group gathered in Portland to start another year together.  We have been calling ourselves the Portland Area Reggio Collaborative, or PARC for a couple of years now.  We are a collection of early childhood educators in the greater Portland, Maine area who come together to deepen [...]

Making a Painted Paper Collage

My collage work is arranged and composed before I use a drop of glue. First, I paint paper for the image, using acrylic paints in a variety of paint applications from very thin and transparent to layered textural surfaces. To avoid buckling and curling of the collage, I start by taping all four edges of [...]

Painted Paper Collage Workshop

I met with a group of six artists for two three-hour morning sessions to explore painted paper collage and the creation of landscape compositions.  The workshop afforded everyone a chance to learn the process I use in making painted paper collages.  Please contact me for more information, or to schedule a workshop.  robin@robinbrooksart.com participant comments: “The workshop was great, you made [...]

Nostalgia–Small Tempera Paintings from Calais Elementary ca. 1987-88

These small paintings were done by children in grade 3 attending Calais Elementary School where I was the art teacher in the late 1980′s.  This was my first teaching position in Maine.   All of these paintings measure 9″ x 6″.  The white art paper is beginning to yellow so this is a lovely way both [...]

Creating with Lines from Nature

    I carefully harvested the dried stalks from my day lilies and stored them in the shed.  In early October, I brought bags of these tall lightweight “lines from nature” into my art room.  For my kindergarten students, I cut a variety of lengths of lines for them to play with.  From first grade [...]

Stones, Pebbles, and Rocks; a story from the art classroom

  Drawing with Stones, Pebbles, and Rocks   Who among us has not stopped, on occasion, to pick up a stone in our path?  Drawn by the unusual color, shape, or delicate texture, we bend to touch this piece of mineral which has been altered by weather, wind, and water into its present form.  We [...]